Antonio Barbosa Da Silva





By bringing a very unique approach to the Family (or Systemic) Constellations, having already more than ten years of experience with this powerful tool, as well as been trained by very competent professionals in the field (Bert Hellinger, Stephan Hausner and others), I create the perfect conditions for you to explore your challenge (a physical or emotional symptom/condition, relationships, a professional topic and any kind of entanglement that might keep you from reaching a desired outcome) in a whole different manner. I not only offer you the mastery of the technique, but also enlightening inputs about the situation, great ability to listening and connecting with the client and deep perception, creating and atmosphere of trust, confidentiality and confidence that allows you to feel really inspired to explore fully the situation and reach surprisingly fast results that are not usually possible through conventional Problem-Solving techniques.


Sometimes just a change in perception can provide incredible results. Antonio’s technique has been experienced by many clients around the World and with 100% of satisfaction in shifting their situations to a more harmonic state. Get ready for unexpected possibilities! 


Curriculum vitae
2017-2018 Pocket Project, Collective and Transgenerational Trauma, Thomas Hübl, Israel
2016-2018 Alchemical Inner Reconciliation (A.I.R) with John Reid III, USA
2015  International Systemic Constellation Learning Circle with Stephan Hausner, Germany
2013  Ecological Constellations with Jenny McKew, Schumacher College, UK
2014 The Journey-Shamanism, Mac Macartney, England
2014  The Dezent-Shamanism, Mac Macartney, Hawaii
2014 Call of the Magician (South African Shamanism), Colin Campbell, England
2014 Becoming Indigenous (South African Shamanism), Colin Campbell, England
2014 Co-Active Coaching Training, CTI, Germany
2011 Family Constellations Practice Group, Martin Hell, Basel 
2008 Intensive Training with Bert Hellinger, Salzburg (Austria)
1996-2001 Mechanical Engineering in Brazil

Philosophy of Antonio da Silva.

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